UAL Level 2 Diploma in Art and Design

Ameka Alexander

Leah Cobb

I like to use line, colour and form. During lockdown I have been working on a big 3D project; the name of our topic is “opposites” so I did some research on cherry blossom trees which in Japan, represent life, death and renewal. My artwork is about life and death as they are opposites. I like art to have a meaning or a story behind it to give character and make it symbolic so that people can relate to the work.  

Next year I would like to progress onto Level 3 Art and Design and get my artwork to its full potential. In the future, I would like to focus on more 3D work and making it lifelike. I would also like to make more murals and body adornments. 

George Colwell

My artwork is all about what I feel happy doing or what inspires me. The range of what can be done and that your imagination makes the possibilities endless for designing.  

My favourite art techniques so far have been animating a walking man and drawing a skeleton.  During lockdown, I have been drawing more realistic-looking art, and things from movies such as Godzilla.  

Next year I would like to progress onto Level 3 so I can understand everything to know with the Art and Design course. I want to focus on character design and animation so I can learn to be more creative in what I can design and draw. 

Robyn Dagnall

I loved the print work we did. I found it so much fun and it really helped me explore my creativity. I loved the colours and the layers when creating the prints. My favourite artist we did personal research on was Sean Starwars. I love his bright explosions of colour and his prints make me happy. It gave me a new perspective on printmaking, and I will be doing more of these in the future. 

During lockdown, I have been doing lots of acrylic paintings and more fun art in my style. The artwork I have shown is about movement and colour, something that draws the eye and makes you wonder. A lot of it is very street style and inspired by graffiti, story, pain and the happy meanings behind art that open people’s hearts. 

I have always wanted to do interior design as I love the design of houses and good colour palettes. In the future I would like to apply for Level 3 to look at more design. I would love to do photography and create cool backgrounds and work on doing artistic makeup and sets for photoshoots. I think that would be a lot of fun. 

Rhys Grezsiak

My favourite art techniques this year have been digital painting and digital drawing. During lockdown, I have been doing commissions and reading a lot more, and I started to visualise the characters in my books to use them as inspiration to sketch and draw. Looking into different game/book/table top universes also sparked a spirit of creativity due to the different visions and outlooks, and the idea of creating my own universe became a motivation.

Some of my personal research artists were Yoji Shinkawa and Victor Maury. I would like to progress onto Level 3 to study graphics in more depth.

Kristina Gyonduzova

My favourite art techniques this year were lino print, graphite, and learning how to draw a life model. I had the chance to develop my understandings further and look from a different perspective with these techniques. 
During lockdown I have been sketching and creating several pieces with soft charcoal pastels, watercolour paint, pencils and acrylic paint. 
As an artist my inspiration comes from objects and emotions that surround me. Lately, I’ve been feeling very calm and the people that have been bringing joy and love to my life has been key for my artwork. I represent that by my use of colour. 

In the future, I want to focus on graphic design and interior design. 

Cameron Khangurra

During lockdown, I have been able to improve my drawing ability a lot due to sketching and also researching drawing techniques. Some of the artists I aspire to be like are DeMoose and Mostafa Khodeir as they create amazing drawings.  

When drawing, there is endless possibilities to what a person can create. There is so much freedom when drawing because you can create whatever you want. I also think that it brings out a creative side in a person which they might never know they had.  

In the future I would like to become an artist or photographer. 

Enzo Marra

During lockdown, I have been keeping myself busy by constantly researching and taking inspiration from artists such as Picasso, Eduardo Paolozzi and Michael Craig-Martin. I either stick to one artist and create various different drawings using their style; or look at various different artists and create many drawings in all kinds of styles and patterns. 

My favourite art techniques this year were ceramics and lino printing, because I enjoyed making details and patterns and found it extremely fun. Next year I’d like to do some more 3D, clay and lino work in Level 3. 

Alexander Masters

My favourite techniques were in 3D, especially carving.  During lockdown I’ve kept creative by making lots of drawings.  I’m interested in the work of Jee Young Lee and the way she creates depth in her installations. I’m interested in progressing onto architecture or possibly product design.  

Christopher Masters

This year I enjoyed using the printmaking technique. I have kept creative during the lockdown by making drawings. My favourite artist I looked at this year was Jee Young Lee because I like how she creates depth.   

In the future I want to focus on architecture and product design. Next year I would like to progress onto Level 3 Art and Design. 

Sherina Peters

My favourite techniques this year were the animation and the mural work, because I got learn something different and try new techniques. 
During lockdown, I kept creative by improving my strengths in the way I draw and paint. I tried different painting techniques that I haven’t used before or wasn’t comfortable using.  
My art is very colourful and inspired by my favourite animated characters. I like to use their style and try to create my own representation of my own characters. The things that interest me as an artist are colours, shapes, patterns and optical illusions. My favourite artist from this year is Michael Craig-Martin. His artwork is very simple but has a lot of colours, with simple shapes and designs. I find his artwork very aesthetically pleasing. 
Next year I would like to progress to Level 3. I want to push myself and prove to myself that I can create good artwork if I just try and focus on my work. In the future I want to further focus on the more graphical side of art and design and try to learn how to draw more realistic artwork. 

Lexie Staddon

This year some of my favourite techniques were stop motion animation, smoke art photography and micro photography. 

I have kept creative during the lockdown by keeping myself motivated to become a better artist and photographer by pushing myself out of my comfort zone. My artwork helps me show what my own version of the world is like. 

I would like to focus on nature photography in the future because it allows me to explore the world as well as it sparks joy in me, mostly because it does not feel like a task or a job, it is something that relaxes me.  

Yavor Stoyanov

My favourite technique this year was the lino printing because I enjoyed the process. During the lockdown I drew things that I liked and found ideas from the internet and friends. My last drawing ideas were flowers. I am interested in tattoos, architecture and graphic design. 

My favourite artists I researched this year were David Shrigley, because his work is weird and creative, and William Kentridge. I like how he paints and I like his style, his drawings are beautiful but sad. 

In the future I want to focus on various techniques related to architecture. 

Peter Zelinsky

My favourite art techniques were lino printing, animation and cityscapes. During the lockdown, I have kept myself engaged in art by regularly researching and finding inspiration from different artists such as Gerhard Richter, Bridget Riley and Mark Bradford.  

I am interested in car design as I am passionate about creating beautiful drawings of not just cars, but technology itself. In my artwork, I generally like finding interesting techniques from other artists, then applying these to get new ideas in my own work.  

My favourite artists and designers that I’ve researched this year were Jen Stark, George Braque and Sybil Andrews. These people have inspired me to explore different media to make my art books come to life. Next year, I would really like to concentrate on technical design/industrial design particularly on car body design.