UAL Level 1 Diploma in Art, Design and Media

Libby Benjamin

My favourite art techniques included ceramics, which was very therapeutic and taught me about 3D art. I also enjoyed a special technique called bubble art as I got to experiment with paint in a way I hadn’t done before. 

I kept creative during lockdown by creating posters that can be sold at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens. Through the process, I was able to study colour, texture and detail, particularly when drawing various species of birds. I also had the chance to practice drawing in perspective. 

My artwork displayed here has largely been themed around nature. My favourite pieces include the Kew Gardens poster, which shows how humans and animals can co-exist in peace. I also created an animation that represents how nature can turn on humanity if the latter mistreats and abuses the former – a beautiful mermaid becomes a flesh-eating monster after her Atlantean home is destroyed by human interference. 

I plan to progress onto Level 2 Art and Design next year and hopefully discover and experiment with new art techniques and learn more about art history and different artists. 

Isabelle Cochrane

I loved learning different shading techniques this year. My artwork is about underwater species and things you find underwater. 

During lockdown I decided to repaint and improve my GCSE Art canvas painting. I also made decorations to go in my room. I like bright colours, psychedelic art, portraiture and tattoo design. 

I’m looking into studying music, horticulture or beauty and hairdressing in the future. 

Elija Del Rosario

Most of my work is based on ceramics making and underwater life. These are some of the examples that I have made before lockdown. 

My favourite drawing techniques so far are cross hatching and dotting. In future, I would like to focus on artwork involving modern designs, buildings and sceneries. 

My favourite artists I’ve researched this year are Julian Opie and Michael Craig-Martin because most of their work is based on pop art, which includes rich and vibrant colours. Furthermore, this influenced me as an artist. 

I would like to progress onto Level 2 Creative Media Production and Technology. 

Öykü Kılınç

During lockdown, I started a new sketchbook and developed my own style of drawing things. I started drawing from my mind only and didn’t copy drawings. I also created an art account and started posting my art. 

I’m interested in dark art and creepy art and I like to draw people in my own style. My artwork is mostly creepy people or humanoid creatures.  My favorite artist is Gus Fink, an artist I found on Instagram. He inspires me. 

I want to keep on creating characters. I want to make my own clothing and draw on my clothes and sell them. 

Tian Louis-Day

My animations were made using photography with some hand drawn elements. I enjoyed photography this year because I liked using a camera. My favourite artist I researched this year was Van Gogh because his Starry Night painting was eye-catching. Next year I hope to progress onto a Drama course. 

Olivia Oscar

Using different colours and patterns interests me as an artist because I can express myself and create moods and emotions.

In the future, I’d like to focus on the fashion side of art and design to help pursue my career as a fashion designer and express even more of my creative side. Next year, I want to progress onto Level 2 Art & Design to study textiles. 

Mya Spence

During lockdown, my favourite art techniques this year were Photoshop and stop motion animation.  I kept creative during lockdown by making my own play dough out of flour, salt and water. I also have been colouring different designs in a book. In college, we covered ceramics, making our own underwater creations. It was good to try new things and I really enjoyed doing them and getting the hang of it.

In the future, I want to focus more with things to do with photography and ceramics because I enjoyed that type of artwork this year.

Alex Whitcombe

I am interested in refining my drawing skills in black and white media, so that I can focus on Tattoo drawings and designs as a career. I would like to ultimately progress onto Level 3 Art and Design as I am interested in the challenge that this presents to develop my creative skills.