UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Lara Burgess

Specialism: Animation
Gap year

During this foundation course I have been able to let loose and discover new ways of being creative. I was able to complete pieces using new mediums including, photography, print, ceramics and metal work. I was also able to use old techniques combined in different ways which pushed my creative process further. I focused a lot on working at a good pace and not over worrying about the precise details. As someone who often feels consumed by anxiety and perfectionism, especially when showing my work, this “finished but not perfect” approach really helped me come out of my shell and gain more confidence. 

A lot of these pieces are from similar themes of childhood and memories, but the different mediums let me express them in unique ways. I am looking forward to continuing my development within these mediums, especially animation which I particularly enjoyed.  

Thank you for viewing my work! 

Cherrelle “Charlie” Clayton

BA (Hons) Fine Art
University of Brighton

Hi, I’m Charlie. I’ll be heading to the University of Brighton in September to study BA Hons Fine Art. 

I was inspired by the likes of Grayson Perry and Supermundane; artists that have made their work available to interact with either on television or as downloadable items on the internet, and put a real emphasis on using what you have when creating. This approach resonates with my own interests in the collaborative potential of making.  
I feel that art should be available to everyone and that creativity should be focussed on the joy that the process brings, and the act of playing and experimenting instead of being defined by cultural expectations. Baking, gardening, colouring in; all of these are valid creative outlets, and often the thing that stops people creating is self-confidence or their idea of what is “good”.  

I have created a series of drawings that anyone can download. Making them brought me a level of peace and calm during this troubling time. I hope that they can bring some positivity to others as well.  

Thank you for viewing. 
Downloadable files can be found here.

If you do use the work, please feel free to upload it to this Padlet wall as a scan, photo, or digital image file.

If you would like to see the full extent of my FMP and creative work in isolation, please click here.

Nashlee Dos Anjos Vas

BA (Hons) Illustration for Communication
Ravensbourne University

The theme of this project was losing time. The Cut loose and Cast Off project was very adventurous. It pushed taught me to think outside the box and move outside my comfort zone. Creating outcomes for this project have felt more freeing and fun coming from school. I surprised myself a bit with how much work I have made in such a short period of time. I also think that it has taught me to work at a ‘finished but not perfect’ pace which is really helpful because at first I tried to make everything in my book look perfect and that was time consuming and unnecessary, so it taught me to focus and prioritise what’s important. This project helped me to experiment and explore different mediums and venture into workshops in the 3D, ceramics and print room where I really enjoyed working with things I’ve never worked with before. 

Vivek Gurung

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture
University of the West of England, Bristol

Foundation year has been a very big deal for me because within this short period I’ve been exposed to so many creatives and creative areas. I’ve learned to research efficiently about creatives relevant to my work and how to showcase their techniques in my work. I’ve developed a variety of skills and techniques from different creatives and different creative areas such as ceramics, print-making, model-making.  

Some of the creatives who’ve had a huge influence in my practical work were Deborah Burke, Anthony Gormley and Richard Meier. During my practical work, I would work back into my sketchbook using problem-solving skills such as freewriting and lateral thinking to write about any changes that could improve my work. Switching back and forth between practical and sketchbook kept my workflow consistent.  

These skills were very helpful to me whether it be coming up with a new idea or refining an existing idea. Free-writing and lateral thinking is something that I will carry throughout to my university phase. My next step is going to be studying on a BA Interior Architecture course at UWE in Bristol, a place where I will be able to hone my skills and knowledge. 

Anais Joseph

BA (Hons) Interior Design and Decoration
London Metropolitan University

During The Art and Design Foundation course, I have learnt a lot about myself, mainly that I need to have faith in myself and my potential. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Cut Loose Project, as it made me realise that I can do things, and if I don’t worry and overthink I will get a good outcome. I learnt about pace and purpose and how to change my perfectionist mind set. My work should be finished but not perfect and I don’t need to spend days doing one task. This has helped me have a more relaxed approach to my work and improved my output, I enjoyed that it allowed me to explore my skills and experiment with different medias also allowing me to show a message through my art. The foundation course has been a great experience and has helped me in becoming confident and ready for the next journey in my life which is studying a BA in Interior Design and Decoration which has always been a passion of mine. 

Sahra Kadoglou

BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation
Kingston University

Before foundation I was accustomed to creating in a way I felt comfortable so being thrown into an environment where it’s all about pushing your boundaries was what I needed. As I can be a perfectionist It was frustrating at times working in a way that was all about pace and purpose, finished but not perfect. I now appreciate it was all a necessary part of the process. Had I not been through this I would’ve remained the confused person I was before, unsure about what area I wanted to specialize in and not improving.  

I am going to Kingston University for a BA in Illustration and Animation. The Foundation solidified that I’ve chosen the right field to pursue as everything we enjoy in our lives has the mark of an inventive and creative mind. I can’t wait for university to prepare me for the industry so I can someday contribute to this. I feel that similar to this project I have displayed, in the future, I will be exploring my cultural background more as art is inescapable, it’s one of the most powerful ways we can continue interpreting our current state and exploring the possibility of an optimistic future.  

Dilan Polat

BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation
Kingston University

Zilu is a chubby, pink alien with a big, red heart that’s full of love. Originally a star, Zilu was born when they fell from the sky for no reason and landed on an island in a vast body of water. Zilu notices a portal after they have awoken and spots another being through it. They feel an intense desire to follow after this figure and ends up chasing after them through many portals and worlds. Along the way, the long, green, wriggly alien Ginbar meets Zilu whilst incredibly depressed and pessimistic about life. However, Zilu’s optimism and kindness positively affects Ginbar and gives them a new outlook on life. In the end, these two aliens learn about each other and find a connection they’ve been missing. Zilu is revealed to have been born from a wish Ginbar made when looking up at the moon one day feeling lonely. 

For my final major project, I wanted to explore the theme of belonging and finding happiness in being with someone who makes you feel loved. During my lockdown experience, I found enjoyment in designing characters and a story that made me feel happier and more optimistic. I hope to potentially develop this project through my Illustration and Animation BA at Kingston University. 

My Tumblr portfolio

Alejo Ruiz Mas De Xaxas

BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design
UAL London College of Communication

This year has been a great adventure, I have had the opportunity to study Art and Design in which I have learned not to seek perfection but personal satisfaction, I have been able to experience different techniques and materials which have helped me a lot when creating my work, I have also outdone myself and seen others do it too, and it’s been very rewarding. 

I have had ups and downs during the course, moments where I wanted to give up, but with help I have been able to keep going, changing my bad thoughts for positive ones and trying to manage my stress. 

I wish none of this was happening, that we could be preparing our final exhibitions, laughing and having a good time. During this quarantine I have lost my way and I have felt lost, but now is the moment to look forward, and stay positive, I am very excited about next year’s course and I am taking an incredible memory of this one and of all the people with whom I have shared it. 

Oliver Smith

BA (Hons) / MArt The Art of Computer Animation
(Integrated Masters) 
Pearson College: Escape Studios

Hi this is Olly. In Art and Design Foundation I wanted to develop my art skills and apply them to animation. This resulted in me trying loads of new skills and techniques, making the experience more fun than I expected to. I’ve developed a wide range of different skills, such as: Ceramics, Print Making, Character designs, storyboarding, morphing, flipbook animation, Photoshop, making a plushy and Stop motion animation. 

For this Final Major Project I wanted to create a game which would explore different emotions within the various levels. Focusing on the good and bad of emotions. I produced life drawings and concept art of enemies and NPCs, King Crow, in game shop, 3D Hub World, Storyboarding and 2D animation.  

At the start of the game the character is knocked out and wakes up in a fantasy world. The player’s goal is to collect broken crystal shards that will be used to restore an emotional balance to the world. I also developed some ideas for the character to unlock new customization and abilities such as puddle stomping and burst to break through walls or to slip through vents, along with weapon upgrades on the baseball bat, such as bat wings. 

Overall, I have grown as an artist from this course and enjoyed creating art.  

My Padlet wall

Akash Tamang

BA (Hons) Interior Design
UAL Chelsea College of Arts

The Foundation course has allowed me to develop my skills and techniques, be freer and more creative as well as expanding my design ideas. I have been able to work on various projects, experimenting with different materials. Although interior design has always been my only ambition, I was still uncertain if it was the right path for me as I was curious about other creative fields. However, the Foundation course supported me to build my confidence and I am certain Interior Design is the area I want to pursue, and am going to study on a BA in Interior design at Chelsea College of Art. When I start my career as an interior architect, my dream would be to create a structure in a public space using waste materials to raise awareness of sustainability. In conclusion, my overall experience of the Foundation course was enjoyable and invaluable for me as an Art student.

Alexandru Tod

Specialism: UX Design
Gap year

Despite primarily being a UX designer, I diversify myself by using different techniques I learned from artists and designers from many specialist backgrounds as this course taught me to learn from a vast range of places. I can now underpin my work by looking at artists research. There were also times where I made mistakes (which was harder to do at the beginning), but I learned from them. I looked at the theme of city lights at night, subverting the bad connotations by prototyping an app about the night-time experience. Over the course of my Foundation year, I have been more challenging of myself. Thus, exploring different mediums. Such as: Printmaking, typography, photography, digital art along with others which allowed me to come out my comfort zone. Next year I want to pursue an apprenticeship in web design.