Access to HE (Art & Design)

Mustafe Abdullahi


Jordan Browning

BSc (Hons) Product Design with Professional Experience
University of Brighton

Lockdown happened, I wasn’t set up for it. Once getting my head round home-schooling my kids and entertaining them, I started to create again.  I used materials I had around, this was wood.  David Nash is a great inspiration to me with his use of wood and his use of saws and pyrography to create wonderful pieces. So, I used these techniques in my pieces to show support for the NHS as well as use materials natural to me. The work I have created in Lockdown reflects my own feelings towards life now. Next year, I will be studying Product Design at Brighton University and to expand on what I have learnt at RuTC. 

Teakilla Carroll-Marks

BA (Hons) Product Design 
Ravensbourne University London

Sahar Charaf

BA (Hons) Interior design with Foundation year
Middlesex University

Awais Hussain

BA (Hons) Architecture
Kingston University 

Maryam Nassar

BA (Hons) Architecture
Kingston University

Sharon Roye

HND Art & Design
Oaklands College

Felicia Somerhalder

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
University of Brighton  

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. 

Coming back to education was very daunting for me I had no clue or confident in myself whether I would success or not. I saw a losing battle ahead I wanted to give up but bit by bit I gain more confidence in myself.  I started to explore art in a different way.  I was able to find a passion which I once had and became an artist.  Through this journey I have found a creativity that I never knew I had.  My goals in life, how I will intertwine art has now become very clear.  I am grateful for all the support I have received, despite me trying to give up.  I have created friendships and gained knowledge which will allow me to go to university with my head held up high.  Through these past months I have found my artist flair, I am an artist who includes photography illusions and font to create a mesh of creativity.  I came across the Destroy Rankin project and I was instantly inspired by this.   

During this difficult time, I have been doing pieces which provoke emotion. My best pieces were inspired by Black Lives Matter, this is a topic which I can relate to and I wanted to create a series of pieces which will make others understand as well.  

University of Brighton will be a great opportunity for me to flourish more and create more lifelong memories.  I am looking forward to traveling with my newfound knowledge seeing other cultures and how they show their creativity.  Nothing is never easy, but if you have the determination and drive you will succeed. 

Darren Travasso

Gap year