A-Level Photography

Oscar Dooley

Building Images: 
These collections of images were shot in and around the Barbican Centre. The photographs feature a set of buildings and concrete structures that highlight the brutal geometric symmetry of London’s decaying architecture. The photographs have been shot in black and white: this was done in order to strengthen the focus on the geometry of the concrete buildings. I was mostly inspired by photographers such as Daniel Hewitt and Robert Adams, their ability to capture scenes of deep connection with the face of minimalist and brutalist design deeply inspired my approach at photographing buildings. 

Nature + Body Images:  
The two sets of images have all gone through a lengthy manipulation process, with all of them edited beyond their original composition and meaning. The images incorporate the human form and a natural setting as well as colour in post-production. The set of images were originally inspired by artist Ana Mendieta to promote the unity that the body has with nature. As their finished product the images more so focus on the importance of composition and colour. Chris Baldesarri’s work heavily influenced my use of colour and his incorporation of post added colour inspired the composition of my work. 

Jakub Gregorczyk 

The main theme of my photographs is the creative process one goes through to finish a photography project. The photographs show the process someone goes through when creating a project, from taking photographs, to adjusting the images in photoshop and to the final outcome(s) of the project. It sounds really meta but that is what drew me to actually working on these ideas. My main interest as a photographer is using editing software to transform images into dreamlike depictions of reality. The best way I can describe it is to take a single moment out of a dream that left a weird feeling after you have woken up and to recreate that moment using multiple images. In the future I want to improve my photography by learning to use angles and lighting better and maybe incorporate the use of shadows in my work.

Caitlin Mannion

‘When I have a camera in my hand I have no fear’  

Over the summer I wanted to do a landscape photography project and chose to do it in Ireland. My aim was to capture nature’s bliss. I have been interested in the art of photography for as long as I can remember. I love capturing a memory in such beauty; it’s something I’ve always had passion for. My favourite photography techniques this year were when we did developing in the darkroom. In lockdown I’ve continued taking photographs and practiced editing. In the future I want to continue developing my landscape photography skills. 

Martha Salaman

Horse Ranch

In the summer, I had the privilege to visit Texas, USA, and go with my uncle to various ranches where he works as a horse farrier. I found the scenery and the work process to be one of my most calming and visually amazing experiences. I went with an ignorant eye, and absorbed what I saw, I really think this is my greatest example of documenting an experience.  Though this is a filtered (sensationalised) outlook at the nicest parts of the experience, so is perhaps not in the category of documentary photography. 

I was intrigued by the symbols that were on most of the horses, (a branding technique to identify where the horse has come from/ the owner).  Many photographs from this series have the theme of ‘humans’ marks on the rest of nature’, portrayed sugarcoated and made dreamlike.