A-Level Graphics and Illustration

Amber Abuah

Earl Almosara

Halima Awan

The main theme of my work is how a certain theme can have many forms. Fashion is a form or art as well as dance. My work represents the different industries in hope to pay tribute to the creators that aren’t often recognised. In my project I used a variety of different techniques and media such as water colour and digital art. Media that I am not confident with but still aimed to challenge myself.  

In the future I aim to take my work to the digital platform of gaming in hope to build my own worlds for other people to experience. In order to reach my goal, I intend to carry on studying and progress with my skill before I go to university to studying game design. 

Nyle Backhouse

Isabella Bujosa-Armora

The Penguins: Coloured Pencil
In this fun spread, I worked on capturing penguins swimming in the water on our trip to The London Zoo. 

The Blue Poison Dart Frog: Ink
Ink is my favourite medium – it’s a very playful medium, there’s always a lot of room for experimentation. I did this as an observational drawing to capture colour and form.

The Men on the Train: Ink
This piece is for my book on travel. I did this to show faceless passengers in the dull scenery of public transport. This piece helped me focus on tonality and light.

For the future, I have an interest in working in the media industry whilst still doing art on the side!

Aaliyah Coronado  

Taiessa Dolgodvorova

The theme I have chosen is ‘Reflection’’. I began  by looking at physical reflections made by mirrors and windows or puddles of water. I researched the artist and photographer Sebastian Magnani who created a collection of photographs he took of a circular mirror on the ground and in the mirror’s reflection are different scenes of nature (trees, clouds etc) from different perspectives. However I later decided to look at my theme differently by looking at ‘self-reflection’. I wanted my pieces to show the emotions we feel when we look at ourselves and our pasts to ‘reflect’ on what we have done, said or thought. We grow our understanding of who we are, our values and why think and act the way we do and how we wish our life to be.

I began by drawing line sketches using a fine liner and then scanned this drawings. Then by using Photoshop I added colour, patterns and typography to the pieces. I also learnt how to create a bubble effect using the brush tools and made use of the ‘dodge’ and ‘burn’ tool to add shadows and highlights to my pieces. The typography was used to complete a design idea of a book cover for a book/ diary where you would be asked thought provoking questions to ask yourself about your mood and personality. The designs could also be used in merchandising as prints for t-shirts or tote bags.

Next year I am planning on doing a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship and in the future I would like to one day open an art gallery or exhibition centre to showcase new and upcoming artists specialising in a wide range of styles.

Mirlisa Dollapi

Quinn Gibbens

Janusan Gunarajah  

Daniel Ighodalo 

Milosz Laksa 

The theme for my creations is creatures and concept art, I was trying to create creatures of different species that would incorporate into monster world. With heavy use of red which is a colour often used in nature to signify danger and power I achieved quite interesting effect, giving my monsters astonishing sizes and overwhelming atmospheres through use of size and perspective. Thorough out my pieces I used watercolour as I was quite confident in the medium to display the necessary detail in the texture of the monsters, I used the technique of layering in by placing lighter tones and base and adding on top of them to create necessary values and textures. In future I plan to develop other my style in other mediums such as gouache, oil paints and digital painting as I am aspiring to become a professional illustrator or a concept artists and in order to do that I need to keep practicing even if I fail.

Bibi Lewin-Sanderson

UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design
Manchester Metropolitan University

The theme of my project was the environment. I used a variety of techniques and materials such as pencil, pen, water colour, collage and Photoshop / InDesign. My pencil markings helped me quickly get down ideas whilst the digital processes allowed me to refine these. I developed my ideas in response to the research by creating final pieces of the animals I saw at the museums or landscapes I saw at Kew Gardens. This September, I am going to do an Art Foundation at Manchester Met University. In the future, I aspire to further explore sustainability and environmentalism in graphic design and fashion.

Elizabeth Orji-Smith

Misan Rai

Saadiq Theophilus